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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 20, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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time now to hand it over to don lemon, cnn tonight sta now. this is cnn tonight. lemon. it's been a week that's felt like a year. you know what? lies will do that to you. the trump administration again engulfed in a controversy entirely of its own making and once again lying about it. turning a call into a gold star family into a spat with that family and a congresswoman. the president's chief of staff laid down a blistering attack of that congresswoman. it sounded really good to a lot of people. and that was the whole point. too bad we learned today with video proof it was video proof it was facts mae
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took the podium yesterday and told this story about the dedication of the fbi field office in miami two years ago. >> i went to the dedication of the new fbi field office in miami. and it was dedicated to two men who were killed in a firefight in miami with -- against drug traffickers in 1986. grogan almost retired, 55 years old, duke on the job less than a year old. >> his facts were flat out wrong, even to the name of the fbi agents. they were killed by two bank robbers, not drug traffickers. and the agent's names were benjamin grogan and jerry dove, not duke. but the story wasn't to honor them but to attack congresswoman
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wilson. >> and the congresswoman stood up, and in a long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there in all of that and talked about how she funding for that building. how she took care of her constituents she called up president obama on that phone call he gave the money, the $20 million to build the building, and she sat down. and we were stunned that she done it. even for someone that that is that empty a barrel, we were >> so facts again matter. the problem for kelly is that there is videotape, and videotape doesn't lie. but i want you to watch it for yourself and ask if general kelly did. let's roll the tape, miami florida, 2015. >> i went to the speaker, speaker boehner, and i said mr.
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speaker, i need your help. the fbi needs your help, and our country needs your help, and we have no time to waste. he went into attack mode and in two days, putted it out of committee, brought it to the floor for r we all voted and i dashed it over to the senate and put our senators on notice. put it on your radar that senator rubio, who i believe has representatives here today. they hotlined it to the senate floor in just two days. and the president signed the bill and the law this past tuesday, april 7, 2015, with >> she said absolutely nothing about funding, and in fact, the building was funded even before.
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she said nothing about $20 million. nothing about calling then president obama. what she's talking about is getting the building named after the two fallen agents. specifically giving credit to then speaker of the house john boehner, a republican, senator bill nelson, a democrat, and senator marco rubio, a republican, for their quick action. bipartisanship, how often does that happen? and there's more. you heard general kelly slam the congresswoman as "an empty barrel" accusing her of taking credit for herself and implying she dishonored the men and women of law enforcement. general kelly, that is just not true. because again, there is videotape which shows the congresswoman saying the real reason why she and others worked so hard to get that building named for those >> most men and women in law enforcement leave their homes for work knowing that there is a
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possibility not return. benjamin grogan and jerry dove, who died validly, in what is considered the bloodiest gun battle in the storied history of the fbi. most men and women in law enforcement leave their work knowing that is a possibility they may not rush. -- may not return. all men and women in who work in law enforcement, stand up. stand up now so that we can applaud you and what stand up. we are proud we are proud of your courage. thank you. >> so you would think that general kelly and the white house could do the right thing, the honorable thing and apologize to the congresswoman and even to the widow who was
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offended by the presid comments. and you would be wrong. wrong because press secretary sarah huckabee sanders picks up right where trump and kelly >> does general kelly still stand by the statement that he made yesterday, that he felt she was grandstanding and she was taking credit -- >> absolutely. general kelly said he was stunned that representative wilson made comments at a building dedication honoring slain fbi agents about her own actions in congress, including lobbying former president obama on legislation. general kelly pf you're able to make a sacred act like honoring heroes about yourself, barrel. >> she wasn't done with that. she went on to add this >> if you want to get into a debate with a four-star marine general, i think that's something highly inappropriate. >> with all due respect, it is absolutely appropriate to
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question anyone when their facts are wrong. and when they refuse t admit it. that goes for a general turned chief of staff, a press secretary, and a presi the united states. sadly, the truth is that lately it seems no one who stands at that podium is able to admit that. to admit that facts do so i want to bring in cnn senior political reporter april ryan and major general james "spider" marks. here we are at the end of the week, everyone, and what a week it was. i want to be clear, general kelly lied multiple times about thecongresswoman. the question is why? why did he lie and falsely attack this woman's credibility? >> well, you know, the person who started attacking representative wilson's credibility was donald trump, right? out of the gate basically calling her a liar, saying she
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fabricated this whole story about his exchange wit widow. i think this was a concerted effort. started with the white . you saw sarah out there, attacking the congresswoman, as well. you saw sarah huckabee sanders do it the day before general kelly did. and then general kelly comes out to attack the representative's credibility. i think he's not done himself any good because most of what he says what just plain wrong. he, in his statement, it's almost like he seems to be relishing these attacks on the congresswoman. essentially said stunned about something that never happened, right? she was stunned that she stood up and said things, but none of that ever happened. he always seemed to missed the fact that she was given a standing ovation after she
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finished speaking. you saw the white house today saying he wasn't talking about necessarily that speech. he was talking about other things she had where she appeared to be grandstanding. but again, if you look at what he said from the podium of the white he was talking that spe. but it's really puzzling that he misremembered this entire event, and you had sanders saying you can't question what he i think the white house should have questioned him before he went out there. he should have gone back and fact checked his own story. >> i was surprised, and would sort of double down on attacking the what if someone said all makeup and no substance about her, i wonder how she would feel about that? april, you cover the trump white house. unfortunately, that means dealing with countless lies.
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but we know that president trump lies. it's well documented. it's come to be something we expect. general kelly is supposed to be the grownup and supposed to add so in a sense, is one kelly lie worse than a dozen tru >> yes, because we -- at this point, i want to wait and see how this all mays out. and mia is right about the information. i want to find out now where does he get this information from? and they're still standing behind this. if you still continue to believe, show us the proof. because that is now -- everything he said is question. for general kelly to be this four-star general, this man who has given the ultimate sacrifice for his son to have laid down his life in combat, and for him to go to that podium and to discredit this congresswoman who
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has tried to help bring back the girls in nigeria, who has done so many different things and who is a member of the congressional black caucus, and the congressional black caucus, i talked to the congresswoman of cleveland, ohio. they're going to fight this. they're not happy with how they're trying to discredit -- how this white house is trying to discredit a credible member of congress. yes, she may wear but if you start pointing a finger at person -- >> what does it matter -- look at the president's hair, people talk about that. she's supposed to bring a gun out like roy moore? there are lots of colorful people in politics -- >> it's gotten crazy. >> -- including the commander in chief. so let's cut it out with the hats. it has nothing to do with substance. general marks, the president spoke about general kelly and that phone call that congressman wilson heard.
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let's a listen. >> he was so offended, because he was in the room when i made the call, and the call was a very nice call. he was so offended that a woman -- that somebody would be listening to that call. he was -- he actually couldn't believe it. actually, he said to me, sir, this is not acceptable. this is really not. and i was so nice. i called many people, and i would think that every one of them appreciated it. i was very surprised to see this. >> i have to ask you, how can general kelly be offended that someone will listening to that call? we have seen people on speakerphones, when he was also listening to the call, as well, and other people in the administration. does this sound like the general kelly you know? >> well, the general kelly i know is an honorable guy and
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immensely talented. the fact that the phone was on speaker, the fact that other people overheard the conversation my view of the world is not the significant issue. the significant issue is that very moment, when this grieving widow gets this incredible message there are other people around. and what you would want to have is those folks that are around her at that moment to fill in the gaps that would allow her to remain erect, allow her to grieve, allow her not to collapse emotionally and intellectually, to take a moment, breathe through your nose and try to get around it. and i think that's what john kelly was saying. i can't put words into john kelly's mouth, but i would say look, the conversation got out, but i think that's the exact moment when you try to act with the level of understanding for the individual who had to receive this message. the congresswoman didn't receive
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the message, the message was intended for this bride, at this incredible moment of grieving. that's when you want people around you to embrace you and say let's get through this we' end of conversation and let the grieving start. >> i want you to stick around. the question for you before we go to break, is everything this president touches turn to gold or die on the vine? we'll answer that when yeah. that's right. i had a feeling that would score with you guys. good meeting. (avo) when you really, really want the best get the pixel 2 for up to $300 off on google's exclusive wireless partner, verizon. theratears® uniquefer from the electrolyte formula,
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thank you for joining anna, you first. we now know that the chief of staff john kelly seriously mischaracterized the congresswoman's 2015 speech. i want your perspective, because you have a unique one. you are friends with both general kelly and congresswoman wilson. what do you make of all this, anna? >> i think it's crazy. i think it's absurd. i think it's a fabricated controversy, fabricated by donald trump who did not have a good answer when he was first asked about this five days ago. we've been in this back and fourth for five days. he did not have an answer as to the circumstances of the death of the four soldiers in niger. he did not have an answer as to why he did not call them. he politicized it by comparing himself to other presidents saying they had not called foreign troops which we learned was mostly false. and it has led to this avalanche of crazy. we have now been in five days of
11:19 pm
crazy. instead of talking about staff agent black, staff sergeant johnson and la david johnson, who is right now being viewed by his family and friends in miami, we are talking about what john and fredricka said to each other. this much i know, this is personal for fred rocha. la david johnson went through her mentoring program. she knows his parents. she knows the entire family. that's why she was in car listening to that call, because she's a source of emotional support. she's not just a congressman. she wasn't exploiting this for political purposes. i also know i have sat in john and karen kelly's living room in miami and talked about their son. so i am both my friends right
11:20 pm
now that i know, i am telling you, i know it is the fallen soldiers that is the priority for them. they have got to be the adults and bigger than themselves. they've got to stop this. we need answers as to what happened to those four soldiers. i actually think john kelly should tell donald tru tomorrow, up your twitter, pick up your phone and tweet out at 11:00 a.m. when sergeant johnson is being had to rest in miami, may he rest in peace. he is a hero. we respect him. and our thoughts and support is with his family. and end this insanity and focus on getting the as to what happened to those american heroes. >> absolutely. jason, i want to bring you into the conversation now. because you say everyone in the white house is on their own, but i ask you, how much of president trump's approach to the truth is contagious, do people around him say, hey, he doesn't care about the truth so why should we care?
11:21 pm
>> i think everyone in the white house tries to get things right every single time. nobody bats 1,000. whether this administration or . it goes for people in the media, as well. except for you, don. we know you get it right every time. but i have to say i largely agree with anna here in her previous comments and it's making me angry that this issue is such a political football this week. there's -- even hearing the words "rock star" being brought up in the conversation with congresswoman wilson for all the attention she's getting, and seeing the way that i think the media is chasing after these gold star families, and the whole back and forth, this is really taking the attention away from the fact that these are heroes, grieving families, and just completely taking us in a wrong direction and i think if i were the white house, i
11:22 pm
would tell them to ign political attacks at this point. i would say to the opponents on the left, quit trying to use this to score political points and increase your notoriety, and i would say to the media, you need to be very respectful with this and let's put some more attention on the fact that these men and women are heroes and that their families are suffering right now. >> so rick, the president -- shouldn't the president set the example mehere? with all due respect to the congresswoman here, the president is the commander in chief and the leader of the free world. and if he wanted it to end, couldn't just end it? >> i think donald trump could bred from barack obama and george w. bush, when they talked a little bit about restoring some of the dignity and the stature to leadership in this country. and the best thing donald trump could have done is not send out
11:23 pm
that utterly inflammatory tweet where he extended the fight and kept the conversation going. if you were a mature white house and a white house with people who had good judgment in it, and a mature president, nothing would have been said further, whatever fredricka wilson said. sarah huckabee sanders wouldn't have gone out and kept digging the whole. she would have said, we hope the families find peace and solace in the american people. we will not comment further on this matter. that's where they should have gone with this. they should have shown dignity. the ultimate bully pulpit isn't donald trump's twitter feed, it should be the oval office and the president's position as a national moral leader. he abandoned that. it's a tragedy. again, i think -- i agree with anna and jason tonight. this is something where we have to have -- everybody needs to back off of this. let these families grieve.
11:24 pm
let's to the bottom of the story and we snead to fineed fi in this country where we bring folks together and they start being part of the donald trump twitter show and the counteracts back and forth, the white house always punches back. sometimes people grieve and say things that are sharp and hard and the white house may not like them. they need to learn let that happen. there's a story that nicolle wallace told of a woman at walter reed who just lost it with george w. bush because her son had passed. and he took it. he took it. he didn't make a big issue out of it. he understood as the commander in chief, you have this terrible, awesome, solemn responsibility. and it's important, i pray that somebody in the white house can reach donald trump on this, because it's tearing the country >> there's lots to talk about. keith, i will give you your due on the other side. it's an important conversation. we'll be back with more.
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general john kelly put his reputation on the line for this president when he attacked congresswoman fredricka wilson with multiple, entirely false statements. the white house dou down. back with me now is my panel. keith, i want to bring you in. listen, does this change your opinion or anything you thought about general kelly at all >> well, general kelly was perceived to be one of the adults in the room, you know, along with general mattis and rex tillerson, the three people who i think senator corker were keeping us away from chaos in this administration. and the fact that general kelly would put his reputation on the line in defense of a lie to support president trump i think is very disturbing. it suggests the way that donald
11:30 pm
trump corrupts all those around him. you think about all the people around him, people like rex tillerson and others, they've also been ensnared in some sort of controversy because of trump. tillerson and the controversy whether he called trump a moron. the attorney general jeff sessions being we are raberated. even mike pence being pocked about his religion. the reason we're having this conversation is because of one person -- donald trump. he failed to address this issue, the death of the four soldiers in niner for niger for 12 days. no one was providing answers about it. when he was asked the competition, turn -- the quest, he turns it into a competition between himself and president obama. >> you said general kelly began
11:31 pm
his role with the best of intentions but has now become a prop in the trump show is this the reason you said everything the president touches dies, and you listed all these people. >> sure. well, we are looking a documentary about this, and the list gets longer and longer. everyone around donald trump ends up in a position where they're compromised by behavior or their behavior changes to match the things donald trump does. and it's also about policy things. this is a guy -- the big trophy wall of legislative accomplishments bear right now, because every legislative priority he's put his hands on has fallen apart. tried initial care, it fell apart. the tax reform plan is falling apart. donald trump doesn't have things that he can go out and say --
11:32 pm
gorsuch is a great single accomplishment, that was mitch mcconnell's pick. but everything else he does falls apart. this is a guy with few accomplishments and executive orders are very transitory. right now, the president is relying on the stock market rising to sustain his public approval numbers. but everything else he touches dies. like i said, we are working on this documentary, we'll make a 90-minutepiece, there's enough material for a trilogy. it just never stops. everyone in the white house eventually falls victim to this curse. >> in this speech yesterday, in his speech, the former president george w. bush offered a point by point takedown of trumpism. watch this. >> our understanding is that those comments were not directed towards the president. and in fact, when these two individuals both past presidents
11:33 pm
have criticized the president, they've done so by name and rarely do it without being pretty direct as both of them tend to be. so we'll take them at their word that these comments weren't directed towards the president. >> come on, jason. >> that is what you call -- [ overlapping speakers >> jason, did you have any doubt -- [ overlapping speakers >> i would have given a little bit of a different answer. i would have said thank you, president bush and president obama forgiving us $20 trillion in debt and leaving a big mess for trump to come in and clean up. but look, i think president obama and president bush criticize president trump this week kind of reminds people that the president not only did he defeat the democratic establishment year in the general election but he defeated
11:34 pm
the republican establishment in the primaries. and taking on washington is -- >> their critique was about american value, about the sort of things that have surrounded the trump administration from the very beginning, and the kinds of things, the conspiracy theorys, the bigotry, the disgusting rhetoric, the hostility towards people that are fellow billionaires. this critique was about the tone and character of this administration, not a rhetorical thing. this was about the way donald trump governs as a man, as a human. and those things, i believe george w. bush and barack obama are a billion miles apart ideal logically, but they were on the same of music about the soul of american public life, and donald trump falls short of that test. and look, i was tough on barack obama every day he was president. and i praised george w. bush
11:35 pm
even when it was tough as a republican. but those two guys hit a ground here above politics, it's different from what we expected from ex-presidents, where they were sending a clear signal that this has a moral vacuum around him. >> no, that's -- i mean, look, changing washington is going to be hard. so of course, you're going to get the folks from both parties that are going to take shots at you. but good for president trump to bringing truth to power and not -- [ overlapping speakers >> let me say this. the last thing george w. bush would want to do is take shots . that is just not something that he has done in the past. he has been very good at adhering to that unspoken path of not criticizing his predecessors. he's saying enough is enough and i've got to use this platform. i can no longer afford the luxury of remaining silent, because american values are
11:36 pm
under attack. what this white house -- >> you know what? this last election was a rebuke >> jason, it's not about -- [ overlapping speakers >> it is not a coincidence that john mccain came out and bob corker is doing it, that jeff flake is doing it. republicans are -- >> you keep going back to the election. people don't vote retro actively. this is what has happened after the -- >> one person can't be -- [ overlapping speakers
11:37 pm
[ multiple >> jason, if it was just democrats, i could understand how you could say it's a partisan attack, but it's people in his own cabinet at what point do you acknowledge that the man is not a popular president, he's not well liked except among his base. and he has to be -- [ overlapping speakers >> hold on, hold two former two-term presidents, both on different sides of the political aisle, one republican, one democrat, saying the exact same thing about the sitting president. that is not partisan, >> don, all i've got to say good for president trump not backing down and continuing to fight for
11:38 pm
people and do what he thinks >> hold on, backing down backing down for somebody saying bigotry is wrong. are you saying it's right? backing down for saying we're so partisan, we should talk to each other? backing down from what? what are you talking about, backing down from? >> backing down his agenda. he wants to get rid of these terrible trade deals -- >> they didn't talk about trade deals, jason. no one mentioned a they talked about bigotry, about hyper partisanship, about bringing the country together, that this president is not doing. no one said anything about trade deals or the budget, no one said anything about that. so what is the opposite of what they mention that donald trump is doing? >> don, his policies are popular. these are -- >> they weren't talking about his policies. they weren't criticizing his
11:39 pm
[ overlapping speakers they wan personal attacks, fine. that's their >> you're admitting it was about the president and even though sarah huckabee sanders it >> i'm saying, look, it probably was an attack on president trump. that's what it seems like president obama and president bush -- >> jason, it wasn't an attack on president trump. it was a call for the leader of the free world, ostensibly leader of the free world, to try to confirm his behavior to some of the traditional values that this country has embraced. those are things like not engaging in ram pant bigotry or embracing conspiracy theorys, not acting like someone who feels and willing to insult veterans. they were calling him back to a better sort of presidency.
11:40 pm
i'm sor [ overlapping speaker >> keith, get the last word. >> one quick point, jason. you said that donald trump is speaking truth to power. no, donald trump is power. what i would hike to see is for you and other trump supporters to speak truth to him, tell him when he does do something wrong, that he needs to be called out on it. it's time for this attitude of letting trump go and do whatever he wants without any accountability to end. >> and you're so blinded by your hatred you can't see anything good that [ overlapping speakers >> jason, is there anything that this president would do that you wouldn't criticize? would you come on here and reflectively support this president about anything? because that seems to be the case. no one on this panel reflectively supported other
11:41 pm
candidate, and i've been here for bush, i was here for obama, and now i'm here for trump, and i've never seen any pundit come on television or pundits come on tv and reflectively support the person who is in office as off as i've seen you and trump supporters. do you feel the nee that? because everything he does is not going to be correct, as we can see. stevie wonder can see that. he took a knee for it. >> don, in the first segment that you had us on, i clearly said that i think the white house should leave this alone. they shouldn't engage in it any further. >> but you didn't say that the president was wrong or that the president or kelly lied. you didn't speak the truth. you came on and you spun it in donald trump's favor, and then you did a shiny object and you talk about a rock star and you pointed to something else. you didn't say look, i can't support the white house on this
11:42 pm
one. they were flat out wrong. and if sarah huckabee sanders says that, she should not have said it. i'm sorry, i just can't do it on this one. >> i can disagree with them, and i did. i said they should leave it alone. that doesn't mean i have to attack them. and don, i know you're not disagreeing with me on the point about the rock star. there's no way that you can -- [ overlapping speakers >> two wrongs don't make a right. i've got to go. i'm in trouble now and i'm sure the advertisers are going to be mad if we don't get this break in. have a grade weekend. when we come back, wasn't general kelly supposed to be the grownup in the room? what happened? nicholas christoph is going to join me get 4 unlimited lines for just $40 bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now netflix included.
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press secretary sarah huckabee sanders asked today if the chief of staff kelly stands by his comments even though he was incorrect? her reply, absolutely. so he stands by his statements, even though they're wrong. here to discuss is nicholas
11:47 pm
christoph, columnist for "the new york times." he was supposed to be the grownup in the room. should he hand in his grownup card this week, general kelly? like what happened? i have a lot of respect for general kelly. i think a lot of everybody else uses their term why? i don't know that i would call it a lie that involves intention. i don't know what he intended. but he certainly said something that was untrue, that was recklessly said without checking. kind of defamatory, a he's so into the muck. he fell into the muck that certainly damaged his reputation. then when the white comes in and says, who are you going believe, this video or general kelly, you've got to go with general kelly, i mean, that just leaves a bad taste. >> this is general kelly, they said he had the utmost respect,
11:48 pm
he is a gold star family, but now he is in the mitt call realm, and he's not on the battlefield. he's not leading -- heading troops or operations. he's in the white house. therefore, he's a political operative and he can be questioned. even though sarah huckabee sanders i wouldn't question a four-star jgeneral. what does that mean? >> and the whole thing about empty barrels, dishonor truths and this whole week has been about the white house, about president trump unnecessarily taking something that was about honoring troops and making it all about himself. and i think it also in a sense distracts us from a larger point, which is that the real way a president dishonors troops is by recklessly or unnecessarily putting them in harm's way. and i think that may be the greater legacy of what president >> yeah. we all know an empty barrel.
11:49 pm
down south, an empty barrel means you're stupid and that's essentially what he was saying about the congresswoman. it started about the death of four servicemen in niger. and today senator graham said thing there is may just be getting started. >> the war is morphing. you're going to see more actions in africa, not less. you're going to see more aggression by the united states towards our enemies, not less. you're going to have decisions being made not in the white house but out in the field. and i support that entire construct. do you agree? >> i think senator graham is a few years behind the time. there is a lot of instability in west but that has been true for years now. in mali, you had the government of mali collapse in 2012. it was the french government that rescued it in 2013. northeastern nigeria was a
11:50 pm
complete mess. niger and mali are still teetering and we may well have a greater presence there. but we have to understand what went wrong. after four americans died in benghazi, you had seven investigations. we know everything about that. we know nothing about what happens with those four americans who
11:51 pm
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back now with christophe. columnist with "the new york times." if they strike, how will we respond? >> my understanding is that the
11:54 pm
u.s. has said that if it has decided that if north korea tests a missile to the east, in the -- over japan again, for example, toward guam, that the u.s. will try to shoot it down. one of our concerns has been that we might try to shoot it down and we might miss. there's been -- we missed about half the time. that would be deeply embarrassing for our missile defense systems to miss. but it may be that if we attempt to shoot it down and miss that nobody will know. but we will -- what i understand is that we will try to shoot it down. our best guess is that north korea will not respond militarily. but we also understand we might be wrong and they -- there's concern that indeed they might lash out at that point. in all the war gaming, if there's some incident, it very quickly escalates. to a nuclear phase.
11:55 pm
>> you were here one evening and i said, see you soon, and you were like, i'm off to north korea. you went to north korea. >> you know who -- they said they see me on your show. in north korea, they're watching. foreign ministry people are watching. >> they are nervous. the people there are nervous about the situation. right? people here are nervous about the situation. a new cnn poll shows almost 9 in 10 americans say that north korea poses a serious threat, and a majority disapprove of the way the president is handling the situation. 63% say that he has been more reckless than responsible in his approach. what do you think, is the president being reckless? >> i think he is. i think he is being counterproductive. his bellicose rhetoric is, it's a gift to the north korean leadership. they are playing it. every north korean knows about the things that president trump says about threatening to totally destroy north korea. it fits into their model about how they need nuclear weapons to
11:56 pm
defend themselves. this year they have had i think 15 missile tests, three times as many as all last year. they have been accelerating their program in the face of this. everybody is on hair trigger. the former cia chief john brennan estimated there's a one-quarter or one-fifth chance that we will be at war with north korea. >> it's amazing. >> this is not just another iraq war or even another vietnam war. this is a nuclear -- a war in which one study says a million people die on the first day. >> when you were there, did you think you got a sense of things in spite of traveling around with a chaperon? -- with a chaperone? >> yes. look, you are being manipulated. >> government chaperone, by the way. >> two government chaperones, partly to protect us from other agencies. but you do get something. you do see the preparations for war, the underground bunkers. the way people are being mobilized for war. this cocky overconfidence and
11:57 pm
expectation that they can not only survive a nuclear war but even win. and this tendency on both sides to escalate, which doesn't work very well in a kindergarten and it works even less well when you have two powers with nuclear weapons pointed at each other. >> thank you, nick. have a great weekend. have you heard about the presidents club? we will have more on that live in our next hour. ♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:58 pm
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this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. just a little before 11:00. we're live with new developments on the deadly ambush in niger. what we are learning raises disturbing questions about the u.s. mission there. administration officials tell cnn the body of sergeant la david johnson, who was killed in the raid, was found nearly a mile away from the scene of the ambush. want to bring in ambassador, director of the central intelligence agency. and bill gavin, director of the fbi in new york. good evening. happy to have you on. james, i want to start with you. i want to ask you what happened in niger. the details are murky. cnn is reporting that sergeant johnson found nearly a mile away, 48 hours after he was discovered to be missing,


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